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The Top 5 ‘Must-Watch’ Motorcycle Movies



The Top 5 ‘Must-Watch’ Motorcycle Movies

The UK may have experienced temperatures as high as 15 degrees Celsius over the past few days but for many riders, it’s still too cold to get out and go for a blat. Luckily, the World Superbike Championship has kicked off and British Superbike and MotoGP are just around the corner but that can only satisfy your two wheeled lust to a degree. That’s right – it’s time to open up the DVD chest and watch some classic riding films.

Of course, honourable mentions go to The World’s Fastest Indian and the timeless classic Easy Rider but here are our top five favourites that promise to gear you up for another year of quality riding and adventure!

On Any Sunday

If you’ve never seen documentary film maker Bruce Brown’s cult classic On Any Sunday, you really need to. Rather than be ashamed of yourself, grab yourself a copy and put some time aside to savour one of the most influential motorsport documentaries of all time. It’s all about riding, racing, risk and reward. The movie features bikes, sand, dirt, racing and Steve McQueen, set to music by Dominick Fronteirie – so prepare yourself for a real treat.

If you’ve already seen the original, why not check out the follow up documentary directed by Bruce Brown’s son, Dana Brown? On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter was released in 2014 and is a modern approach to the original, continuing the theme of ‘motorcycles and the people who ride them’, asking why they do it and exploring the passion and excitement of all things on two wheels. The film features interviews with Marc Marquez, Travis Pastrana, Roland Sands and many more industry names.

A Long Way Round…(And Down)

We’ve all seen Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s epic Long Way Round and Long Way Down but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it again! In 2004, the pair set out from London to New York, travelling through 12 countries and over 20,000 miles in 115 days – it’s got travel, adventure and motorcycles, so we can put up with Ewan dropping the bike here and there and forgive them for having a support crew. You’ve probably seen it before but nothing beats sticking the disc in the player and watching it again!

Following on from the success of their first adventure, the pair embarked on another journey from John O’Groats in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa. It’s not as amazing as the first, that’s for sure, but it does showcase the freedom of motorcycle travel and paint a beautiful picture of Africa. The titles may sound the same but as with all motorcycle journeys, the adventure is different every time.

The Motorcycle Diaries

In the early 1950s, Ernest ‘Che’ Guevara and his best friend Alberto Granado embarked on a life changing motorcycle trip through South America on a beautiful but dilapidated Norton 500. The 2004 film follows and recreates their adventures whilst staying true to Guevara’s original memoirs. The thrill of being on the road, the sights that they see and the cultures they meet presented themselves as the foundations for Guevara’s revolutionary future, tackling inequality of all kinds. This may not be a documentary but it’s definitely a thing of a beauty – and it’ll certainly inspire you to take a trip of your own too!

TT3D: Closer To The Edge

Anyone who’s ever ridden a motorcycle is aware of the awesome aura that surrounds the Isle of Man TT; this documentary takes literally takes you closer to the edge and allows the viewer to experience the excitement, tension and potential tragedy that the world’s most famous road race has to offer. The documentary follows Guy Martin, John McGuiness, Ian Hutchinson and Conor Cummins on their yearly quest to win to the race of all races. It is fast and it is furious but it combines the thrill of fast machinery with real human emotion to explain what the TT is to riders and why they do it. A must see.

Mondo Enduro

Mondo Enduro is just the best. During 1995 and 1996, a group of riders left from London on a journey that would take them through Central Asia, Siberia, Alaska to South America and then from South Africa through the Middle East back to London all on Suzuki DT350s – which is mental, especially when you consider the lack of budget and support. The documentary was picked up by Discovery channel and is one of the most iconic (if not the most iconic) motorcycle travel films of all time. Take a look at the clip and admire their effort (and remember the 90s) – if that doesn’t inspire you to watch it or go on a trip of your own, then nothing ever will!

So those are our top 5 motorcycle movies – if there’s one that you think should be included, let us know in comments!