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We handle everything.

If you have been involved in a non-fault motorbike accident, we can:

» Deliver a hire bike to you
» Have your bike repaired or replaced
» Bill our costs to the other party's insurer

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National Reach

Covering claims in England & Wales.
Supplying clients with hire bikes and helping win claims.

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18 Years experience

The most accredited, trusted & experienced
motorbike accident claims company in the country.

Why choose McAMS
  • 100% compensation awarded
  • All in one service
  • +18 years experience
  • FREE initial consultation
Compensation calculator

If you've sustained a motorbike related injury, Click here to see what your compensation claim might be worth.


Motorcycle Accident Claims

We Do What Insurance Companies Can’t

You’ve just been in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault. Your bike has been damaged and maybe you’ve been injured? The last thing you want to have to do is deal with insurance companies chasing your claims and trying to get the compensation you deserve.

It’s a long, time-consuming and often frustrating process, right at a time where you have enough to deal with trying to carry on with your day to day activity.

Why try to go it alone, when our experts can handle everything for you?

Insurance companies are not in the business of handing out money. They’re in the business of collecting & investing your premiums. So when they’re facing a claim, and you’re the one right in the middle, then unfortunately it’s you against them and we believe that’s not a fair fight!

That’s where we step in. Our experts will be fighting your corner for you. And we can help you with all aspects of your claim.

What are the advantages of McAMS experts fighting your case for you?

We have 18 years of experience in working to get our clients the money they’re deserve. We’ve worked with thousands of clients across England and Wales and are the most accredited and experienced motorbike accident Management Company in the UK.

But, most importantly, when you work with us, YOU are our only concern, we’re not an insurance company, consequently we don’t spend our time trying to find holes in your claim to save us money!! In fact, we fight for 100% compensation for you and each and every client who chose to use McAMS


  • We send our bill to the other party’s insurance company, so all you have to do is concentrate on getting better
  • You will NOT lose your no claims bonus. If you use your own insurance company, you will!
  • You will NOT have to pay any excess. Insurance companies can charge hundreds of pounds excess.
  • If your bike is damaged, we’ll ensure your bike goes to a reputable dealer/mechanic. If your bike is written off, you will be awarded a cheque for the full pre-accident value of the bike, better still you get to keep your salvage!

Here’s What to Do Next

Click here to start your claim now or call us on 01695 587 876. You’re not making any commitments by contacting us. All we will do at this point is review your case in detail and then talk you through your claim, we will also arrange a hire bike for you if you need one.


I know from experience that dealing with non-fault accidents can be time consuming and often labour intensive, McAMS take that part away and deal with the third party direct.
Mr S Parkin - Barnsley, Yorkshire
We are happy to say that we have never used a company as professional and efficient as McAMS. Their service is second to none and I would gladly recommend them...
Mr R Bassi - Wembley, London
If anyone is involved in a non fault accident they could do no better than let McAMS deal with their claims.
Mr D Gough - Gillingham, Kent

Making a claim is simple

1. Get in touch

Fill in the form above

2. Claim assessed

We'll run through your details

3. Claim proceeds

Let us do all the hard work

4. Claim settled

You receive 100% of the value of your bike

Compensation calculator

If you have sustained an injury in a non-fault motorcycle accident, try our compensation calculator to get an idea of how much your claim could be worth.

Try it now »

What we do

McAMS cover the whole of England and Wales, specialising in helping bikers following a non fault accident.

Our trained specialist advisers work hard to ensure that you are awarded compensation for your accident and we can arrange a hire bike for you whilst yours is being repaired. If your bike is written off, we endeavour to recover your bike's pre-accident value and better yet, you get to keep the bike!

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